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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ian's First Joke

Friday, as you know, Ian started saying the word "no." Hooray for word #2. It has been pointed out that I will probably regret teaching him that one. Monday night he made a game out of that new word and his other word- shaking his head "no" and saying "da-da." Then he'd laugh. He could have been telling me what I already knew, which is that Daddy was not at home, but I have decided to pronounce this Ian's First Joke. As in, "I know these don't go together, so this is funny!" I consider this his most important milestone to date. It's a hard, cruel world without humor.

Word # 3: This morning he said "Mama." Just as though he suddenly realized, after all this time, who the heck this woman is who is always around. Then, this afternoon, he celebrated by biting a small piece of skin off of my cheek.

I realize that I do not normally discuss my own accomplishments in personal growth, but I want to share with those of you who know me well and are perhaps thinking, lovingly, that you are sure I was less than polite at the moment I realized my child was actually eating my face, that I did NOT yell at my son. I calmly informed the little cannibal that it was time for his nap, kissed him, and put him to bed. However, he Did Not Nap.

Other than that, I have nothing to share except that the magnolias are out. It rained today, and tonight it is very windy, so they might be gone by morning, but they were very pretty this afternoon.



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