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Friday, February 29, 2008

Ian Said "Da-Da"

And there was a witness, so I am not just being a doting mommy. (Okay, his grandpa is not exactly impartial, but he CLEARLY knew what he was saying and meant that he wanted Michael.) I could tell when he got up this morning that he was up to something today... he just had a little smug attitude like he was proud of himself over something.

Michael often calls to say he's on his way home or that he will be late, and he talks to Ian when he does. Ian shows signs of recognizing his voice when he does this. Today, I was at my parents and Ian was playing on the floor when Michael called to say he was on his way, and I was talking to him and I told Ian "It's Daddy!" He started reaching for the phone saying "Da-da! Da-da!" So Michael talked to him, and he obviously knew who it was. (He made his "Daddy face.") Needless to say, Michael is feeling quite the warm, fuzzy glow, although Ian refuses to do this in his presence- I guess having already acquired Daddy, he sees no need to ask for him.

As a little bonus, take a look at what he was up to this afternoon:

Love to all!




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