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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ian's New Word

is "no, no, no!" Not even 9 months old, and already oppositional. He shakes his head and says "no, no, no!" It's cute now, but wait...

I created a knitted shamrock doorknob hanger based on Mary Thomas's picot flowers, but with one thing and another didn't get the pattern written in time for St. Pat's. Oh, well, it will come around again next year, I suppose!

Spring has definitely sprung around here... We've got crocuses, forsythia, periwinkle, and I'm sure soon there will be azaleas. The wildlife is active, too. We heard a fox shrieking in the night last night. If you've never heard this, it sounds like a human in unearthly distress... we checked on the baby just to be sure it was the local fauna and not a new kind of baby illness and then went back to bed.

Here's Ian enjoying the sunshine with that faraway look in his eye. Our march for babies team has raised more that $500 so far! We had another team training walk on Monday, and then all the babies got to play in the sun. Look for photos soon. Thank you so much to all our sponsors!

The latest fundraising development for the March is that 10% of each purchase from our Zazzle Shop will be donated to the March for Babies until 4/20/08.

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