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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Use the Potty!

Since Ian's epiphany, he's completely daytime trained and I am amazed at the level of consumer opportunities available to the mom of a new potty user.  There's the turtle insert for the toilet seat, the fold up seat to make public restroom potties small enough for a little bum, flushable toddler wipes so every "oops" doesn't mean it's bath time, and, the latest adventure, something for the super-independent but not quite night-trained child.

We are now searching for a night-time "pull up" style product in a generic version.  I curse the entire industry, and I know I swore to never buy into the whole "pull up" game- and I still don't think they help kids learn to use the potty, but either the underpants gnomes came and took Ian's night time diaper last night, or he got up to use the potty and couldn't put his own diaper back on, which led to a 4 am sheet changing episode.  (And hooray for Daddy for catching that one.)  Regular pullups proved completely insufficient, as have the rubber and cloth training pants, because he doesn't wake up before he and the bed are both soaked.  So today, we're off on a pullup hunt...

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