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Semele's Riches: My stupidest post ever.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

My stupidest post ever.

Yes, I really think this is kind of stupid, but if I have to have this thing bookmarked on my 'puter and watch it several times a day, I'm going to make a note of it.  Of course, it might also help your kid, in which case it's suddenly not so stupid, huh?

Ian saw this commercial and has a perfect potty record ever since.  I'd be less excited, except the day he saw this started with him walking up to me and peeing on my foot.  Half an hour after he'd last used the toilet.  I wish I were kidding.  I realize he may have been coming to tell me he had to go potty, but it was still not the finest moment of my life.  Then he saw the ad and, apparently, had an epiphany.  By "perfect" I mean that I have not reminded him, he has not had any accidents, and he is handling the transaction completely on his own.  Apparently, he just needed to see it in action for the pieces to fall into place.

So the new rule in our house is that screen time is strictly limited EXCEPT for this ad, which Ian may watch on demand, up to three times in a row.  As often as he asks.  Because potty training, like few other things in life, is a time when you throw the proverbial book.  If there is anything you can say, sing, buy, or watch that will make your child "get" it, then THAT is what you do.  So, bring it on, Huggies.  We love your new commercial.

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