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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Ample Water."

If you've never taken a tour of Alexandria's Masonic Temple (yes, I'm referring to the one Dan Brown wrote about in The Lost Symbol), do it just for the view from the top.  Because the building is built atop a hill, the top of the temple is the highest point in the area and on a clear day you can see most of the DC Metro Area from up there.  Plus it's lovely.

We did the tour with our friends, which was perfect because nobody felt like that annoying family that brings a kid on the tour, and our very nice guide was able to speed things along when she noticed the kids getting restless.

We were admiring the view when another mom commented on the size of the parking lot.  I replied, "yes, the website said there was ample parking, but I had no idea it would be THIS ample!" Ian took off like a shot and was around the corner of the building in the blink of an eye.  I caught up to him and reminded him that he was supposed to wait for me before he went around the corner.  He was not paying attention, however, because he was busy jumping up and down and shouting, "Look, Mommy! Ample water!"  He had gone around the corner to where he could see the Potomac so he could try out his new word.

You can see the Metro go by from the front steps!

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