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Semele's Riches: Conversations with Ian

Semele's Riches

Adventures in handmade childhood.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Conversations with Ian

Ian: Mommy, I want to do my letters. How about H.
Mommy: (sounding out the letter) H... H... Hat. H... H... Hot. What else has "h?"
Ian: Cough.
Mommy: Uh... well, yes, that's true...

During a storm at midnight...
Ian: Mommy, that was Rama and Raba Thunder. There's Daddy Thunder.
(a particularly loud thunderclap.)
Mommy: Oooh, who was that one?
Ian: That's Aisling thunder. (shouts) Hi Aisling!
(another thunderclap)
Mommy: And who's that one?
Ian: That was Aisling talking back to Ian. (pats his belly) She is saying hi to ME!



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