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Saturday, May 22, 2010

A brother OR a sister

Wednesday Ian informed me that he would like a little brother.  I told him we would work on it, but that he had to take what he got- he might not get a brother, he might get a sister instead.

Hours later we had this conversation.

Ian: I want a brother OR a sister.
Daddy: Well, you know that if you get a sister, it won't be Aisling, right?
Mommy: Yeah, she's already been adopted once, I don't think it will happen again.
Ian: Let's get Thomas.  Let's adopt him.
Mommy:  Uh, honey, Thomas is going to stay with his Mommy.  We'll have to get our own baby.

The next day a different friend brought her new infant over and left the baby, in her carrier, with me for a few minutes so she could use the restroom.  Ian spotted me with this baby.  "MOMMY!  What you got there for me?"

So, mamas, consider yourself on notice... do not leave your infants unsecured.  Ian has decided we need one, and yours will do just fine!



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