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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Herbs & Turf

I have noticed that grass is extremely difficult to kill unless you are actually trying to grow it.

Every single thing we put in the yard seems to create a dead spot in the grass.  That, of course, is with the exception of places where I've actually dug up and discarded the grass in an attempt to grow something else, where grass springs eternal.

(The herb garden so far: bottom right, parsley, bottom left, Lemon Basil, top right, garlic chives, top left, cilantro.)

Today I weeded the resurrected grass out of the new herb bed once more. I'm up to four plots in the "kitchen garden" and one out front.  I planted regular chives out front and the newest addition (today, in fact) in the kitchen garden is cilantro.  (Top left.)  Two more herbs that tolerate partial shade will be going in the kitchen garden, plus a side order of marigolds.  They're my favorite and word is they help keep the bugs down in your garden.

The little dude has been "helping" me with the garden by "working" it with his little tractor.  He asked me to attach a "snow plow" to it for him.  Unfortunately, the "snow plow" was a dry oak leaf, and Mommy's invention failed her, much to his dismay.  We are negotiating the compromise of "pretending" a snow plow.  So far, so good.

My indoor starter seeds are running into some problems.  I'm seeing some "damping off" in the cilantro.  I was warned that they start better outdoors, so I'm being philosophical about it.  Aside from wanting a wee head start, I really wanted Ian to see the seed sprouting process up close and personal, and we've succeeded in that.  Besides, it's a few less for me to kill at hardening off time...


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