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Monday, January 24, 2011

Not a new couch, but...

better! Why?

1. No heavy lifting. Fit in a bag, in my Civic.
2. No rearranging the room to get it in!
3. No calling special pickup for the old one!
4. It's machine washable!
5. It's just as comfy as the old one!
6. Price Tag: $18.75 plus tax and one trip through the washer.

I am so thrilled to have found a couch cover for the study at Unique Thrift today... it fits better than I thought possible, and now the marker scribbles, the torn arm (which is featured here, in case you missed it), and the sundry stains are all tidily and cleanly covered up. (Why, you ask, do I have a white couch in my study when I have a small child? Because it was FREE. That's why.)

I've known I should put a cover on that couch for a while, but the holdup was the skinny couch arms. Most covers that are made to fit the narrow arm on this couch are nearly as expensive as getting a new couch... and I confess, my thrifty soul has balked at the idea. But here you have it- the price is right, I didn't need help with the "heavy lifting," and it took very little time or effort. My favorite kind of makeover.

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