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Thursday, September 9, 2010

My new bed is here!

We've been talking to Ian about his "new bed" for a while now.  The original plan was for Santa to bring it, but it turns out there were some good Labor Day sales, so it has arrived a bit early.  He's been going back and forth between being excited about his new bed and telling me he does not want a new bed.

At least, he was until we told him a big truck would deliver his new bed.  He ran into my study every five minutes all day yelling, "My new bed is here!" Finally, he was right.  The truck with his new bed had arrived.  The delivery guys set it up in about five minutes flat.  In fact, it took longer to put the new sheets on than it did for them to unload and set it up.

The minute Ian climbed aboard, he declared, "Wait! I need a book!" He got down to get one and then remembered.  "No, wait, I need all my animals first!"

"Wait for me to clear the animals and come on on the bed, Mommy!"
2010-09-09 Ian's New Bed

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