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Sunday, September 19, 2010

I get by with a little...

Oh, if only every place we went could have a sandbox the size of our dining room.  The little man is in hog heaven every Sunday because our church has just such a sandbox.  He never, ever, ever wants to leave.

Today he was busily figuring out exactly how much sand he could put in the bucket before he couldn't lift it any more.  Then he'd pour some out, and empty the rest into the wheelbarrow.  Pretty soon, he was figuring out how much sand you could put in the wheelbarrow before you couldn't push it any more.  (The wheels get stuck, you see.)

He did a lot of interactive play in the sandbox, too.  Asking a friend for help when the bucket was too full.  Offering to help make a hole deeper.  Working together to figure out how to free the wheelbarrow when it was stuck.  It was really a profound reflection on problem solving.

This is too big for me.  Perhaps a friend could help.
This is too slow.  I should find a friend. 
This isn't working out like I thought.  I'll find a friend.
This all fell apart and I have to put it back.  A friend is just what I need.

World leaders should take note.



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