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Semele's Riches

Adventures in handmade childhood.

Monday, April 12, 2010

People can hear you...

Ian and I took a walk to the store after nap today. (Okay, I walked, he rode.) Most notable features of today's walk were the altercation between two motorists (they taught Ian a new word... "F***er!" Then Mommy said, "Ian, you didn't hear that. She's right, but you didn't hear it.") and the unusual number of serious cyclists we saw today. Lots of them were sporting logos from their sponsors... either they are just enjoying the nice weather like us, or there's an event on the horizon and they're training.

Also, Ian just found out that his stroller seat RECLINES, which he thinks is fabulous.

Little Dude's Travel Gear Selection:

Current Weather conditions:

72 and broken clouds!

Quotable Moments:

"I want my shoes and socks on, please."

"Mommy, I want THAT apple, please."

Distance traveled: 3.41 miles

Current Total Distance Traveled: 67.33

I owe the babies: $16.83

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