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Semele's Riches: Sugarloaf Mountain Natural Area

Semele's Riches

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sugarloaf Mountain Natural Area

Sugarloaf Mountain is 52.1 miles (just over halfway!) from my starting point.

Welcome to Stronghold on Sugarloaf Mountain

Stronghold, Incorporated is a non-profit corporation, organized in 1946 by the late Gordon Strong. It owns and operates the mountain property for the public's "enjoyment and education in an appreciation of natural beauty."

Sugarloaf Mountain has been designated a Registered Natural Landmark because of its geological interest and striking beauty. Stronghold agreed to maintain its natural state, and your help in this regard will be a most welcome contribution.

Funds for maintenance and improvement do not come from federal, state, or municipal sources. They come from a modest trust fund, from membership dues, and from gifts and bequests of folks like you, who are interested in preserving this priceless heritage.

We wish you a pleasant stay and venture the thought that as you stand and look out upon the lovely Monocacy Valley and the mountains beyond, you will experience a moral and spiritual uplift. Gordon Strong believed that "... those who appreciate natural beauty will be better people, people who treat each other better."



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