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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Butterflies, my Deer.

This wasn't Ian's first Metro ride, but it was my first time on the Metro with him. We went to the museum of Natural History and saw the live butterfly exhibit. If you haven't been, make time- it was wonderful, and the staff took lots of time to explain things to my little guy- he was completely thrilled to see a butterfly eating melon!

Not to mention that the woman you see in this picture taught my 2 1/2 year old the word, "proboscis." I think that's wonderful- she explained everything to him simply and without "dumbing it down."

As an aside, the Huntington Metro station definitely needs to improve their signage. Even a veteran 'tro traveller such as myself found it a bit bewildering.

Quotable Moment:

"I'm gonna ride the Metro train. Not the bus, Daddy, just the Metro Train!"

Distance traveled: .83
Solo Miles:1.76

Here's a shot from my solo walk. It's a little hard to make out because of the resolution, but there are about a dozen deer feasting on my neighbor's front yard:

Current Total Distance Traveled: 41.79 miles

I owe the babies: $10.45

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