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Semele's Riches: "What's This?"

Semele's Riches

Adventures in handmade childhood.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

"What's This?"

Daddy: (spells out "iAN" on the magnet board.)Hey, what's this?
Ian: That's Ian. (emphatically.)
Daddy: Very Good!
Mommy: Holy crap, did he just read his name? Or did you tell him what it was?
Daddy: No, I didn't tell him, he recognized it on his own.
Mommy: (Calls Raba, updates Facebook, wigs out a bit about how grown up her baby is.)

I haven't been trying to get him to recognize his name, although a couple of weeks ago he did see it in print and ask me, "What's that?" I'm just constantly surprised by how much he absorbs and retains, especially when the intake is so separated from the playback. This age is so amazing!



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