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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cold And Blustery

It was our first truly cold & blustery day of the year. Mister went with me while I performed my civic duty, and on our walk home (my polling place is less than a quarter of a mile away- seemed silly to drive when I'd be nearly home before I found a parking spot) he started telling me he was cold and wanted to go inside... guess the park wasn't such a good plan, after all. Fortunately, the local Soft Play Room had open play time that morning, so we headed right over. As you can see, Mister managed to dredge up a little enthusiasm for the day after all.

He's also been talking about voting ever since.  Grandma Gray would be proud.  She used to call me every year to make sure I voted.  No worries, Grandma.  I did.

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