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Hiking the Burke Lake Trail

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Semele's Riches: Hiking the Burke Lake Trail

Semele's Riches

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Hiking the Burke Lake Trail

Today is an unbelievably beautiful day, so after I dropped Ian off for Preschool with his friends, I headed over to Burke Lake Park and took a solo hike around the lake trail. Saw lots of folks out- runners, bikers, dog walkers, people pushing their babies in strollers, people pushing their dogs in strollers... (no I'm not making that up, and yes, it was adorable.)

The big heron who likes to hang out on the banks of the shallow area wasn't out today, but I did see some Canada Geese, a few ducks, some gulls, and heard but didn't see several woodpeckers. (Or just one who was industriously flying ahead of me at intervals... dunno.)

Distance traveled: 4.5 miles

Current Total Distance Traveled: 11.54 miles

I owe the babies: $2.89



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