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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ian at "School"

I'm sure it will suprise no one to hear that we've decided to take a Montessori approach to Ian's pre-school education. We also decided to include his little friends with a series of "school" playdates. We started on Friday by introducing a simple color and shape sorting activity, which they loved.

Playschool week 1

Here are some pix of Ian doing his "homework:"

As you can see, no fun at all! Next week: Scooping with spoons, which is sure to be a big hit and a big mess!

(What am I knitting, you ask? Well, other than a chapeau with serious math issues, check out:

(What math issues, you wonder? Well, if you try to calculate an increase while supervising a two year old, you may find yourself ending a round on a half a repeat instead of a full one. Horrors! Then, thinking yourself quite a clever girl, you might think, "oh, I'll just add in the other half a repeat over a few rounds and then I'll put an embellishment on top, and it will never show. Then you try to do this while supervising said two-year-old, and end up with:

From math

Nice. 'Cause apparently, although Ian can count, Mommy cannot!)



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