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Semele's Riches: happy, happy! Mwah, Mwah!

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

happy, happy! Mwah, Mwah!

Today Ian looked at me when I said we were going to church and said, "happy, happy!" So, of course, I was. Last night he was blowing kisses to his adoring fans. ("Mwah, mwah!")

He has learned to "monkey crawl" with his feet and hands on the floor and his rump in the air. Tonight he did this in the bath. He wanted to listen to his Baby Mozart CD this morning... so he started singing one of the instrumental tunes. (Don't know which one, but I recognized the arpeggio.)

I gave him a banana for breakfast and he did a little dance. Must be the "Banana dance," which bears striking resemblance to the "cheese dance," and the "muffin dance."

This afternoon he disappeared for two seconds and came back with a bottle of lotion normally kept on the bathroom counter. He was trying to drink it. I took him grocery shopping immediately after lunch, and he still ate his way through the entire store. (Where does he keep all that food?)

Of course, I can't have a post with no pix, so here you are:
From Pajama Ride with penguins

Love to all.



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