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Monday, April 2, 2007

News from the new place

Hello to everyone from sunny and beautiful Alexandria, VA!  Thanks to a lot of help from my wonderful family, we are finally getting settled in our new home. 

Michael is in the middle of painting the baby's room (bright green), I am sorting and organizing our things and going for my daily waddle around the neighborhood, and our daffodils are out and our azaleas will be with us soon.  The forsythia led the charge and came out first.

Our yard backs onto the panhandle of a nature preserve, so the night my brother Tyler helped us unload our shipping container, a couple of deer were hanging out in the neighbor's front yard.  His dog, Nico, was terribly offended, but didn't chase them after being told not to.  (What a dog!)  She has nicely decided that as we don't have a dog ourselves, she will defend our territory from other dogs and the local wildlife when she visits.  She is doing a fabulous job.  Our cats hate her guts.

My new OB is wonderful and everything continues to be boringly normal with the pregnancy so far.  We still expect baby Ian's arrival on or around the 16th of June. 

The neighborhood is delightful, and our next door neighbors have a little one year old boy and are expecting a baby in August.  They moved here six months ago from Ohio, so we look forward to getting to know them.  We haven't met the folks across the street, but they have a red Miata... so we look forward to knowing them too.

Michael is enjoying the challenges of his new job and likes his coworkers so far.  Time will tell, as it does with all things, but so far the job is a very good fit for him, and he LOVES his short commute!


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